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The laboratory of BGM (background music) is now “opened” in 2016 by Yuri Miyauchi and sphontik, after years of co-writing/co-producing music and performing live and BGM together.​

BGM LAB. is a music laboratory of BGM (background music). With a well-balanced use of analog and digital technologies, we are exploring “ Music as backgrounds ” that is the best fit for the living environment today. Uplifting music and music that is producing a different vibe in a space is important. However, we doubt that the music we love listening to is always good background music for everyday life. In BGM LAB., we place music behind your everyday life so that we try to help making your everyday life more fulfilling by creating environments (musical, tonal, and sonic) where you can reflect on yourself or you can be true to yourself.


Yuri Miyauchi

Composer/Musician, born in 1983. Miyauchi has released 6 albums from Rallye Label. He creates his original organic electronic music by blending live instruments and programmed beats and loops together. His albums include many collaboration works with Japanese artists like Yukihiro Takahashi, Tomoyo Harada, Keigo Oyamada, and Gen Hoshino, as well as with artists from the other countries like It’s a Musical, GUTHER and etc. In his live performance settings, he turns his stage into “a music laboratory”overdubbing different kinds of instruments right on the spot. With such a performance, he has been wowing the audiences not only in small clubs but in many festivals including FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. Aside from his own project, he also remixes other artists’ tracks and produces many artists from inside and outside of Japan. His music can be heard in films, on TV shows and ads, and in theaters as well.

Kenji Kihara / sphontik

sphontik is a solo project of the musician Kenji Kihara. His first album, released via Rallye Label, is based around the sounds that embrace the essential elements from Jazz and Brazilian music. Mixed with Chill-out, Ambient, Electronica, and Breakbeats, his pleasant music contains nostalgia and warmth together. He also makes music for TV ads and remixes tracks by other artists. Right now, he is working on his second album, this time including tracks with vocals, a chill-out album, an ambient album, and etc.

translation by Hideki Inoue